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Destination: Sydney, Australia

“The Land Down Under” has been on my top list of places I’ve always wanted to visit. I ended up making it to “Oz” visiting Sydney in April 2016.  The weather was perfect (not too hot and not too cold), the people were friendly and the scenery was beautiful. Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane are still on my list of places to see, but I would love to return to Sydney.


United States citizens are required to have an Australian Visa. You can easily apply online.


We ended up flying from Los Angeles to Sydney. All I can say is it was very very very long (just under 16 hours).

Must See List and Activities:

Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

This was something I had always wanted to do. As soon as we landed and checked into our hotel, we decided to make our way to the Bridge Climb Office to get more pricing info and facts about climbing.

After looking over the 4 different climb time options, we decided to go with the “Twilight” climb. This allowed for us to depart as the day was coming to an end, and to descend at night. It provided for beautiful views of Sydney.

After paying and selecting our departure time, we were given a very thorough lesson of what to do while climbing and were even able to practice on a model of part of the bridge.

Since you are not allowed to take anything with on the climb (each person is given a personal locker to store all belongings) we stopped a few times to have professional pictures taken. We were given the option at the end of the tour to purchase additional pictures, but a group picture was included in the cost of the ticket.

Although becoming terrified about halfway through the climb (I made the mistake of looking down at the cars below), I would highly suggest climbing.

Other Important Things to Know:

  • A breathalyzer test will be completed before the climb begins.
  • You cannot take anything with you on the climb. Be prepared to put all belongings in a personal locker.
  • You must be at least 8 years of age to climb.
  • All necessary climbing equipment is provided, but wear appropriate shoes.
Photo taken by BridgeClimb Sydney
Photo taken by BridgeClimb Sydney

Photos taken by BridgeClimb Sydney.

Spend an afternoon at Featherdale Wildlife Park

We couldn’t go to Australia and not see Kangaroos and Koala Bears. Featherdale Wildlife Park allowed us to not only see them, but to interact with them as well. I would highly suggest stoping by to enjoy “Sydney’s Hands-On Experience.”

Visit The Blue Mountains and Scenic World 

We ended up finding this amazing packaged tour from It allowed us to visit Featherdale Wildlife Park, view the Three Sisters and spend some time at Scenic World. You can catch a ride on the steepest incline railway in the world at Scenic World (and yes it is very steep).

Photo by Marysia Gunderson

Take a dip at Bondi Beach

Who doesn’t love a little sand and sun? Catch a tan or learn to surf at Bondi Beach.

Complete a Sydney Coastal Walk

For those that love walking and beautiful views, I would highly suggest completing the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk.

Take a tour of the Sydney Opera House

We unfortunately ran out of time to complete a tour, but seeing the building was a dream come true.

Photo taken by BridgeClimb Sydney

Many people have spent New Year’s Eve in Sydney and loved it. What are your favorite activities in the “Land Down Under?”

XOXO Mandi

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