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Today’s generation has become very dependent on technology and cell phones. I am guilty of this too. I rely on my phone when it comes to getting directions and planning out what I want to do. See below for a list of apps that I use when traveling.

Google Maps

By: Google, Inc.

North, East, South, West normally mean nothing to me (I’m directionally challenged when it comes to stuff like this). I tend to be the type that follows left, right and landmarks pretty well. I love that Google Maps allows one to put in your starting location and final destination and gives you options on how to get there by driving, walking, riding a bike and public transportation (if available). It will also tell you how far the closest Uber, Lyft and Gett are from you and estimate the cost of using one of those services.  If walking, I love being able to follow the blue dot. I find this app to be extremely helpful both domestically and internationally.


By: Uber Technologies, Inc.

I have used Uber domestically and internationally and LOVE it. If I have a destination in mind that may take slightly longer to get to using public transportation, or I just need a quick ride to the airport, I tend to turn to Uber. I love that the app tells you what the cost will be ahead of time, who your driver is and shows you the route you will be taking. I have had nothing but good experiences with Uber all around the world. Disclosure: I have nothing against Lyft or Gett, I am just able to use Uber more internationally.


By: TripAdvisor LLC

TripAdvisor has been an extremely reliable resource. I use it to get ideas of what I would like to see in certain cities, read hotel ratings and will occasionally use it to read up on a restaurant. I never make a hotel reservation without checking Trip Advisor first.


By: Viator

I would highly suggest Viator to just about anyone. Their customer service is phenomenal, and they tend to have tours and activities that one would often not think of. I booked a day trip from Vienna to Budapest through them, and honestly would not have thought that was even a possibility. They are wonderful with confirming all information through email and provide phone numbers on where they can be reached around the world.


This is my favorite app to use for booking hotel rooms. The app allows you to prioritize your preferences on what is most important to you. It notifies you on things like whether WIFI and breakfast are included, if you receive free cancellation and whether your credit card is charged when you make the reservation or check in.


By: Jeffrey Grossman

This is a great currency converter. It helps me plan out my budget and allows me to see what I am really spending.

FlightAware Flight Tracker

By: FlightAware

I use FlightAware to see if my flight departures and arrivals are still on time. It’s also a handy resource to have to see how long each flight will be. All you need is the airline name and flight number.It is very helpful if you are meeting up with others at the airport of if someone needs to track your arrival time.


By: Yelp

It is very common for you to hear me say “Well what did Yelp say?” I refer to this app for just about all of my restaurant selections. Always nice to read a few different reviews of the place before ordering my meal.

Weather Channel

By: The Weather Channel Interactive

“What weather do I pack for?” I love that the Weather Channel app gives you the weather forecast for days ahead. It’s handy to have help on what items to pack and whether or not I’ll be needing sunglasses or an umbrella.

Visit a City Offline Guides and Maps

By: Visit A City

This is one of the apps that I recently started using. It is great if you are visiting a city and have a limited amount of time.  It gives you suggestions on what sites to see, things to do and will even include a map. It also allows you to select how many days you will be in a city and will map out an itinerary for you.

Do you have any apps that you absolutely must have when traveling?

XOXO Mandi


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