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Destination: Tokyo

Two other flight attendants and I decided to go to Japan for a few days. We had the most amazing time! We started off by being able to get first class seats on our flights to and from Narita. We explored the country and learned about the Japanese culture. See below for some of my favorite things we did while there.

Tsukiji Fish Market
Get up early and walk around this fish and wholesale market.

Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist Temple can be found in Asakusa. You can walk around the beautiful grounds, as well as do some shopping and delicious food-tasting.

Shinbuya Crossing
Watch thousands of people crossing from all directions at Japan’s busiest intersection. There are also some great stores in the area to do some shopping.

Hachiko Statue
The Akita dog is probably Japans most famous dog. His statue is located at the Shibuya Station. Hachiko used to meet his owner at the Station everyday after work.

Mount Fuji
Visit Japan’s highest mountain. Try go on a clear day to be able to see the mountain from a distance.

Tokyo Imperial Palace
The Emperor of Japan’s primary residence is beautiful.

Eat, eat and eat!
Take some time to enjoy delicious sushi, ramen and rice.

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