Passports To Pearls

Travel Blog

Many of my fellow bloggers told me that one of the hardest and more time consuming parts of blogging was going to be coming up with a blog name. Boy, were they correct!

I began by deciding what I primarily wanted to focus on. The top winners were travel and fashion. I decided to make a list of specific words that came to mind when I thought of these two topics.

The winners: Passport and Pearls.

Due to my love for traveling, I almost always have my passport handy. I decided to make passport plural instead of singular since I have been a citizen of 2 different countries. I have gone from being a proud little South African with a South African Passport, to a proud little American with a U.S. Passport. Both of these little books have really helped me grow into who I am today. They include stamps with so many memories, life changing events and have now become one of my necessities for work.

When I think of fashion and “keeping things classy” (said with my South African accent), I think of pearls. Much like many of my adventures, pearls have value and are formed over time. In this instance, pearls may not always be in the form of jewelry, but can also refer to the gems that so many countries have to offer. They are so elegant and represent the epitome of class.

I hope that my pearls of wisdom will encourage you to grab your passport and see what the world has to offer.