Passports To Pearls

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Enjoy a crepe at the Eiffel Tower (France)

Visit Versailles (France)

Drink a beer at Oktoberfest (Germany)

See the Northern Lights (Iceland, Norway or Alaska)

Visit Stonehenge (United Kingdom)

Take a Gondola ride (Italy)

Go tobogganing (Switzerland)

Visit the home of the first Olympics (Greece)

Walk The Great Wall (China)

Learn about rice farming (Vietnam)

Watch Sumo Wrestling (Japan)

Catch a tan on the beach in Bali (Indonesia)

Explore a Temple (Thailand)

Meditate (Nepal)

Visit Machu Picchu and have my passport stamped (Peru)

See Christ the Redeemer (Brazil)

Wave to a ship going through the Panama Canal (Panama)

Stand on both sides of the Equator (Ecuador)

Visit the Moai statues (Easter Island)

Spend a night at the Giraffe Manor Hotel (Kenya)

Ride a camel in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

Enjoy a safari at the Kruger National Park (South Africa)

Visit Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

Take a dip in the Dead Sea (Israel)

See the Taj Mahal (India)

Dive in the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Play with a koala and kangaroo/wallaby (Australia)

Snorkel in Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

Set foot on Antarctica

Experience the views of Niagara Falls (Canada)

Take a tour of The Whitehouse (Washington D.C.)

Visit Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota)

Attend a Luau (Hawaii)

Hike the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

See a Broadway Show (New York)

Enjoy a concert at Madison Square Garden (New York)

Tour Alcatraz Island (California)

Eat a binget (Louisiana)

See Old Faithful (Wyoming)

Give Minnie Mouse a hug (Florida)

Tour the Everglades (Florida)

Learn to ski (Colorado)

Visit the first Starbucks (Washington)

Gamble in Las Vegas (Nevada)

Attend the Balloon Fiesta in ABQ (New Mexico)

Dine on some fresh fish (Maine)

Climb a glacier

Swim with dolphins

Swim with sharks

Play with a lion cub